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Discover the process of how we build Custom Homes

BCI helps you design your custom home through the whole process to completion. We work with professional team members including architects and interior designers to make sure your custom home suits your style and ensure that your creativity and budget come together to create a one-of-a-kind dream home.


At BCI, we want to help you discover and build a home that fits you as well as your property, which is why each build starts with an in-person visit to your lot, multiple meetings on and off-site with our team of professionals, and is only complete when you are standing in your dream home.

Custom Kitchen with granite counter tops white cabinets and stainless steel appliances


Design Build is a process in which your designer and contractor work together from the start of your project to provide a more streamline build. This process can help save you time, money, and hassle. At BCI, we are dedicated to walking every client through the whole design/build process from their first idea until they are standing in their dream home.

The BCI Process 

1 – Meet and Greet

  • Get to know the Custom home building process, talk to us on the phone, come in for an initial meeting.

  • Site visit - Let us see what your lot has to offer you!

  • Discuss your project and budget

  • Decide if we are a right fit.

2 – Preliminary Design Meeting

  • Begin working with the design team, including the architect.

  • Gather detailed information from the client about house needs/wants, project scope, custom details, and more.

3 – Review Design and Estimation

  • Review design from the architect, change if needed.

  • Give the client an estimated price based on their custom design, adjust if needed.

4 – Sign Contracts, Break Ground!

  • Once contracts are signed and financing is obtained, BCI will begin construction.

  • During construction, there will be several walkthroughs and inspections.​


5 – Selections

  • Preliminary selections may be made before contracts are signed, but final selections will be made during the building process including lighting, flooring, appliances, and more.


6 – Closing and Orientation

  • Close on the final contract and conduct homeowner orientation.

  • Move in and enjoy!


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