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Meaning “mountain home” in German, Bergheim is a small community just a few miles away from Boerne. Those looking for a home far away from the general population have found the right place; the center of the community consists of a small general store/post office, gas station, and restaurant. Although Bergheim is a small area, it has close access to Boerne, San Antonio, and Spring Branch for shopping and entertainment. For more information about Bergheim see our links below. If you are interested in having a home built in Bergheim or the surrounding Texas Hill Country, contact owner and home builder Tommy Lipe.

BCI - Bergheim Custom Home Builder 

Choosing a Custom home builder in Bergheim, TX, is a pivotal decision, and our company stands as the unparalleled choice for crafting your custom home in this picturesque Texas locale. With a profound understanding of Bergheim's distinct character and architectural preferences, we bring a wealth of expertise to ensure that your dream home seamlessly integrates into the local landscape. As a dedicated home builder in Bergheim, TX, we prioritize excellence, utilizing top-tier craftsmanship and superior materials to guarantee a home that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, fostering a relationship built on trust, communication, and collaboration. Choose our company, and you're not just selecting a custom home builder; you're choosing a partner devoted to bringing your vision to life in the heart of Bergheim, Texas, where every detail matters. Trust us as your premier home builder in Bergheim, TX, to turn your dream home into a reality.

Planning on moving to Bergheim Texas?

Moving to Bergheim, TX, promises a tranquil escape into the heart of the Texas Hill Country, where the beauty of the landscape meets a close-knit community atmosphere. Nestled amid rolling hills and scenic vistas, Bergheim offers a serene retreat while maintaining convenient access to nearby cities like Boerne and San Antonio. Residents are treated to a lifestyle that celebrates the region's natural splendor, with opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, horseback riding, and exploring the Guadalupe River. The town's charming character, friendly neighbors, and a sense of camaraderie create a welcoming environment for those seeking a peaceful yet connected living experience. With its picturesque landscapes and a slower pace of life, Bergheim beckons those in search of a harmonious blend of nature, community, and the distinctive charm of the Texas Hill Country.

Subdivisions we have built Custom Homes in Bergheim 

  • The Springs at Cordillera Ranch

As a distinguished custom home builder in Bergheim Tx, our clients consistently commend our professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to quality. What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainable living—every one of our homes is Energy Star certified. This not only reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility but also ensures long-term cost savings for our homeowners. Our construction practices prioritize energy efficiency through advanced framing and insulation techniques, setting a benchmark for industry standards. Clients appreciate our forward-thinking approach, as these practices not only contribute to a reduced environmental footprint but also create homes that are comfortable, energy-efficient, and sustainable for the long haul. The seamless integration of innovative construction methods with our client-friendly approach makes us a standout choice for those seeking a custom home that aligns with both their lifestyle and environmental values.

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